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There are two accessible spaces right next to Haske Field. Neither of them are Van Accessible, but there are some closeby.

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The curb ramp between the two accessible spaces next to Haske Field is wide, is not too steep, does not have a lip to get on it, and has textured material. Once you get up on the sidewalk, you can then get on the grass, and make your way towards the seating around Haske Field.

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There are also 3 more parking spots labeled as accessible that are about 300 feet away from Haske Field. The two spaces closest to Haske Field are Van Accessible.

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The curb ramp for these 3 spaces is extremely wide, is not too steep, does not have a lip to get on it, and has textured material. You want to go to the right after using the curb ramp.

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Last updated:

Sep 7, 2021

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Haske Field

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Busy Hours

  • Never too busy, but sometimes is in use by Upper Loudoun Little League

  • Contact Upper Loudoun Little League for reserving the field or to double check the availability


Accessibility Notes

  • There are 5 accessible parking spaces near the two Haske Fields, 2 of them are van accessible. These 5 spaces are all shared with the Bush Tabernacle and Fireman’s Field.

  • Almost all of the pathways in this area are made of grass, and have varying levels of steepness. In order to get to Craun’s Kitchen (the green building), we recommend you go around it on the left side and then approach it from the front. In order to get to the secondary Haske Field, we suggest you take the gravel road back to it.

  • There are no accessible bathrooms for this location. We suggest calling Town Hall to ask if a staff member would let you use one of their accessible rest rooms.

  • The fields and the batting cages can be accessed without going up any steps, but the dugouts and the practice areas above the dugouts have steps leading to them.

  • There are spaces in the grass next to bleachers for visitors with mobility devices.

  • Click the black "Accessibility Test Results" button at the top of this page to view in-depth accessibility metrics for this business!

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