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Please keep in mind VisitAble is a new start-up, less than 1 year old. We are currently exclusively operating in Charlottesville, Virginia. We are working on listing and certifying businesses everyday, as well as constantly improving our accessibility tests and disability etiquette training to strengthen our resource. Please email visitable.certification@gmail.com to let us know what we can do better!  


To boost disability etiquette while creating a universal standard of accessibility to empower those with differing mobility abilities. 


At VisitAble, we believe customer service and disability etiquette make an establishment more accessible.

For example, we consider these locations to have the same amount of accessibility:

  • A big, corporate-owned location with more amenities (such as electronic shopping carts) but too big of a space to have employees around customers

  • A smaller, locally-owned location with less amenities, but more employees checking up on customers (could bring a chair to customers when they get tired)

Look out for the locations we've already certified, who know how to use disability etiquette and customer service to be more accessible!


VisitAble was started by Joe Jamison during his time as an undergraduate student at UVA. Having a father who lives with paraplegia, naturally he was motivated to help those with mobility issues. He noticed the lack of available accessibility information and disability etiquette while visiting different locations. Using his experiences with his father and feedback from many others with mobility issues, he developed an accessibility test and a disability etiquette training. At its core, VisitAble was created to make going out in public fun, easy, and possible for those with disabilities.

Joe Jamison, Founder & CEO, with his father



(Right now)



Certification Expansion

Right now we are testing our idea to help those with mobility issues. We are geographically constraining our services to Charlottesville, VA to make sure we can provide the value we hope to.

After we finish certifying most of the businesses in Charlottesville, VA, we plan on moving to different cities in the US to certify businesses and eventually aim to cover the entire United States and hopefully other nations as well!

Shortly after we prove our scalability, we plan to offer services and certifications to cover accessibility for all physical disabilities, mental disabilities, and chronic illnesses.

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