For us to achieve our mission and change the world we need your help in three ways:


While we are currently exclusively operating in Charlottesville, it is still important that we see the full effects of our database of mobility-related information. Make sure all of your friends know about our website so that they are able to use our database, submit reviews regarding accessibility, and add new businesses! Finally, make sure to share our website with local business owners and urge them to start our certification process, so that they can work on their disability etiquette and become more mobility-friendly!



Please reach out to us by calling (703) 731-7963 or emailing visitable.certification@gmail.com with any feedback, suggestions, comments, questions, or concerns you might have. Let us know if there is any more information or criteria we should put in our database or accessibility test and help guide us in the right direction to make our information and pictures as helpful as possible.

Follow us on social media (clicking on the social media icons will take you right to our profile/account), and please tell your friends to follow us as well.

When you go to one of the businesses on our database, please submit a review so that we can address any concerns you might have.

Please add new businesses to our database!


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We cannot stress how important it is to go visit our listed businesses. We need reviews on the accessibility of these businesses in order to make them more accessible, and make our database as helpful as possible. We tried to address the potential concerns of going to visit a place in-person, and while we know we haven't addressed everything perfectly, we need your feedback on how to make it as easy as possible to visit one of our listed businesses. We want to make going out to restaurants, bars, movie theaters, shops, and other locations possible and a great experience for everyone!

Want to Get Involved in Our Certification Process?


Our certification process involves two parts: our accessibility test and our disability etiquette training. Helping with either one of these means free visits to the business that is being certified (free transportation and gift cards to make your visit fun and free)!


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Although we appreciate all the help and feedback we can get, in order for us to test the Disability Etiquette and accessibility of an establishment we do need the help of individuals that have mobility issues. Please use the drop down menu below to indicate if you have a mobility issue and/or use an ambulatory device, neither apply to you, or if you would rather not disclose this information.



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