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Nov 3, 2022

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Virginia Museum of History & Culture

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Busy Hours

  • Besides certain occasions such as holidays, this museum is open every day 10 AM-5 PM, and has a pretty constant flow of traffic throughout the day

  • The museum can get very busy during events such as school field trips


Accessible Bathroom


Automatic Entrance Door


Electric Scooter

Step Stool

Fidget Toys

Stress Balls

Noise Cancelling Headphones

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(804) 340-1800

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Accessibility Notes

  • Staff is friendly, and ready to help however they can. For example, staff can help open and close any doors, help you find quiet areas if needed, etc.

  • There are mobility devices available for guests to use during their visit, including 2 wheelchairs and a scooter.

  • There are noise canceling headphones, fidget toys, and stress balls available to check out at the welcome desk to use during your visit, if needed.

  • The location is service animal friendly.

  • An accessibility web page is available on the museum’s website with further details on accessibility and affordability.

  • The museum also has an online store if online shopping is easier/preferred.

  • Bags with handles are available for any purchases in the museum store to make carrying items easier.

  • There is a large parking area about 150-200 feet away from the main entrance located at the back of the museum with thirteen total accessible spaces, nine of which are van accessible, although they are not signed as van accessible.

  • The main entrance doors to the museum have an automatic door opener and are at least 32 inches wide with a minimal threshold, and door hardware at an accessible height.

  • Once inside, the flooring surface is primarily smooth tile flooring, with low profile, compact carpet here and there.

  • Interior pathways are spacious, most doorways are kept open and are also very wide, and flooring transitions and thresholds are minimal to non-existent.

  • There is plenty of seating throughout the museum, some of which is slightly above or below an accessible height, and a majority of the seating, except for the cafe, Robins Family Forum, and Halsey Family Hall do not have backrests or armrests.

  • The cafe has some tables where the table surfaces are accessible, but there is not enough space under the table to accommodate a wheelchair.

  • Robins Family Forum has plenty of accessible seating with spaces available for wheelchairs and seats on the ends of rows with armrests that fold up for easier transfers.

  • Robins Family Forum also has an elevator and an accessible means to access the stage.

  • Halsey Family Hall has seating and tables at an accessible height, but currently only has stairs to access the stage.

  • The point of sale counters in the cafe and museum store are both at an accessible height, and staff can assist with credit card purchases.

  • There is some merchandise in the visitor center that may be difficult to reach for some, but staff is able to assist if needed.

  • The exhibits themselves are spacious, and are mostly on the second floor, which can be easily accessed via and elevator or staircase, and the information within the exhibits is mostly in text form, with no braille or tactile alternatives.

  • There is an introductory film that has closed captions, and is quite loud.

  • There are several touch screen displays and other interactive exercises that are mostly vision based, with no audio alternative.

  • There is one display that requires stairs to access it.

  • The site is fairly busy, generally, and can be echoey at times and in certain locations.

  • There are quiet spaces available in the meeting rooms, Robins Family Forum, and the library. Ask staff for a more quiet, private space if needed as the Robins Family Forum and the meeting rooms are sometimes occupied and these spaces may require a staff member to escort you into these spaces.

  • Windows in the meeting rooms have shades, but most of the exhibit spaces and theater type areas do not have windows.

  • Restrooms are generally very accessible with one accessible single occupant restroom on the lower level, and four multi stall restrooms, two on each floor, one marked male and the other female.

  • Signage, where it exists, for the most part: has good contrast, but no braille or tactile alternatives.

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