We broadcast accessibility to answer mobility-related questions about businesses and actively help these businesses become more mobility-friendly in order to make them places you want to visit!

Being ADA Compliant Doesn't Make You Mobility-Friendly 

Looking for a New Mobility-Friendly Environment?

What We Do


Our certified businesses:

  • Are aware of their location's mobility limitations and are working to improve their accessibility

  • Are trained to provide an environment where you can feel welcome and comfortable, and be treated as a human being ("mobility-friendly")

  • Know how to use customer service and disability etiquette to make your visit as pleasant and enjoyable as possible

How our certification is different:

  1. We work with historical buildings and small/locally-owned businesses in creative ways to make them as accessible as possible

  2. We improve the disability etiquette and customer service of employees

  3. We go above and beyond ADA standards

  4. We make sure you can get in! All of our certified locations have entrances that are step-free or have ramps


Accessibility Test

We will arrange for an individual with a mobility disability to come to your establishment and check the accessibility, as well as how they are treated by employees. All the while we brainstorm creative solutions to make your store barrier-free.

Disability Etiquette Training

After our accessibility test, we train some of the essential customer-facing employees on how to respectfully help and treat those with disabilities. This will allow you to have customer service far superior to your competitors. We also provide store-specific feedback during the training as well.


Once your establishment passes our accessibility test and disability etiquette training, we issue your location our mobility-friendly certification. We give you our certification sticker for your door/window, and then broadcast the certification on our website and through all of our social media platforms.



If your establishment isn't getting good accessibility reviews, you didn't do well on our accessibility test, or you just want to become more accessible, we can help! 

Social Media Marketing

If you are proud of the time and commitment you have put into being/becoming accessible, let us share that! We will let the people who care know how accessible your establishment is.

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“The VisitAble training and certification program is an excellent tool in helping to educate staff on accessibility awareness and etiquette. The training was unbelievably helpful, and I think it had everything to do with the material and Joe’s knowledge about the topic. We have now been provided with an excellent foundation for better understanding and assisting our guests with mobility issues.  I highly recommend this program for every type of business.”


—  Sara Bishop, General Manager at Hyatt Place Charlottesville

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