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River City Sportsplex

Results from VisitAble's Accessibility Test



Description of Section

This includes the number of accessible spaces, the distance of the accessible spaces from the accessible entrance, and the accessibility of the path from the accessible spaces to the sidewalk that the entrance is on (includes curb ramps).


  • There are 9 accessible parking spaces that are less than 100 feet away from the bathroom building for Fields 1-9, 6 accessible parking spaces that are about 250-300 feet away, and 4 more accessible parking spaces that are more than 500 feet away

  • There are 9 accessible parking spaces that are less than 100 feet away from the bathroom building for Fields 10-12.

  • All parking spaces labeled as accessible are van accessible

  • The pathway to get on the sidewalk from the parking space is mostly accessible with great curb ramps, but there is a slight vertical rise (less than 1 inch high) to get to Fields 1-9 from the 10 parking spaces that are further away and a slight vertical rise (less than 0.5 inches high) on the yellow tactile pads on the curb ramp for the accessible parking spaces that are closer to the building next to Fields 10-12



Description of Section

This includes how easy it is to find the accessible entry point and steps/ramps/pathways from the curb ramp/sidewalk to the entry point.


  • There are no entrance doors to enter the main Field areas

  • There is slightly steep sidewalk to get to Fields 10-12 from the accessible parking spaces (measured at about a 2.5-4% slope most of the way, but got a little steeper near the top)


Water/ Refreshments

Description of Section

This includes the accessibility of water fountains/drinking coolers (height off the ground & space around) and the accessibility of any concession area spaces.


  • There are accessible water fountains at each of the buildings in this location

  • There are concession counters on each of the buildings that are at accessible heights, third party vendors handle point of sale, merchandise, silverware, etc.


Interior Pathways

Description of Section

This includes accessibility of lifts/ramps/elevators, signage to find accessibility features, widths of pathways, cleanliness of pathways, how steep pathways are, presence of inaccessible areas, and the weight/lip/height of handles & knobs of doors not covered by other sections.


  • There could be more signage available to indicate accessible pathways

  • Fields 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8 have gravel pathways around them to navigate over to get to their seating areas

  • All the pathways immediately around the buildings are accessible

  • The pathway to the practice area has a slightly steep sidewalk (measured at about a 4.7-7.1% slope)

  • All pathways are greater than 36 inches wide

  • All areas are accessible



Description of Section

This includes if there is seating that is removable and accessible in all functional areas.


  • There are no accessible tables near the buildings, only picnic tables that do not allow a forward approach for visitors with mobility devices

  • Most, but not all, bleachers have spaces next to them for visitors with mobility devices

  • There are also some benches on the fields that have backs and have seating surfaces that are at accessible heights



Description of Section

This includes bathrooms being labeled as accessible, the width of bathroom and accessible stall doors, location of doors, height of door openers off the floor, weight of doors, presence of appropriate grab bars, the ability for a customer using a wheelchair to completely turn around in the bathroom/accessible stall, the height of the flush controls off the floor, the reachability of the sink/toilet paper/soap/drying equipment/lights, and the height of mirrors off the floor.


  • The bathrooms are all labeled as accessible - there is one family restroom in each building that is spacious, and there are Men’s and Women’s bathrooms in each building that have spacious accessible bathroom stalls

  • All doors are wide enough, have maneuvering clearances, and do not have lips/thresholds underneath them, but it’s possible some of the exterior bathroom doors could be considered difficult to open

  • Some of the stalls in the Men’s and Women’s bathrooms for Fields 1-9 do not have handles on them, which require pinching the lock to open and close the stall doors

  • All of the accessible stalls and the family bathrooms have the appropriate grab bars

  • All of the toilet paper dispensers are reachable, but for the accessible stall in the Men’s Bathroom for Fields 1-9 the center of the toilet paper dispenser is 12 inches in front of the toilet

  • All sinks and mirrors are at accessible heights, and the pipes underneath the sinks are insulated

  • The soap dispenser was high in the family restroom for Fields 1-9, but most of the other bathrooms had at least one dispenser that was reachable and many had soap dispensers on the mirrors which were hard to reach due to the the need to reach over the sink

  • All of the paper towel dispensers/hand dryers are reachable, but the paper towel dispenser in the family room for fields 1-9 could be considered difficult to reach

  • All light switches were 50-51 inches above the bathroom floors



Description of Section

This includes the presence of accessibility features to make this establishment go above and beyond the accessibility of other establishments of the same type.


  • The backs of all accessible stall doors have hooks on them that are at accessible heights

  • There are golf carts available to help visitors get around

  • Staff that help overlook this facility have gone through VisitAble’s Disability Etiquette Training

Want to Learn More About Our Accessibility Tests?

Send an email to with subject line: "VisitAble's Accessibility Test" and tell us what specifically you would like to know and the reason why. We're happy to provide as much information as is needed to allow you to have the confidence in knowing if an establishment is accessible to you or not!

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