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Massanutten Resort Indoor WaterPark Area

Results from VisitAble's Accessibility Test



Description of Section

This includes the number of accessible spaces, the distance of the accessible spaces from the accessible entrance, and the accessibility of the path from the accessible spaces to the sidewalk that the entrance is on (includes curb ramps).


  • There are 11 accessible parking spaces, 4 of them being van-accessible, that are about 240-385 get away from the entrance

  • The parking lot is made of pavement

  • The path to the sidewalk from the accessible spaces is at least 36 inches wide and does not have a lip



Description of Section

This includes how easy it is to find the accessible entrance, steps/ramps/pathways from the curb ramp/sidewalk to the door, width of entrance door, lip under the entrance door, presence of automatic door openers, reachability of the door handle, and the weight of the door.


  • The slope of the pathway from the sidewalk (next to the accessible parking spaces) to the entrance is around 5% or 1:20

  • There are two entrance/exit doors to go through on your way in and on your way out, with no automatic door openers

  • The door handles are at accessible heights and the doors are not difficult to open in terms of weight/tension

  • The width of the door opening is about 33 inches wide and the lip is not difficult to navigate over

  • There is maneuvering clearances on both sides of all doors


Water/ Refreshments

Description of Section

This includes the accessibility of water fountains/drinking coolers (height off the ground & space around), the reachability of complimentary water/refreshments, and whether or not employees get and transport water/refreshments for you.


  • There is a water fountain that is at an accessible height and has appropriate knee and toe clearances


Interior Pathways

Description of Section

This includes accessibility of lifts/ramps/elevators, signage to find accessibility features, widths of pathways, cleanliness of pathways, how steep pathways are, presence of inaccessible areas, and the weight/lip/height of handles & knobs of doors not covered by other sections.


  • Once you enter the building, you have to take a ramp to get to the main floor to access the elevator and there is a ramp to get to the second floor of the WaterPark area

  • The ramps have handrails, are wider than 36 inches, and are not steeper than 8.33% or 1:12

  • The sloped entries to get into the lazy river and the pool on the second level are wider than 36 inches and not steeper than 8.33% or 1:12, but do not have handrails

  • There are vents/drains on the WaterPark ramp which have openings that are parallel to the path of travel

  • There is no signage which helps people navigate to the elevator or the water wheelchairs

  • It’s possible that certain signs or tubes for the water are in the way of creating a 36-inch wide pathway, but almost all pathways are 36 inches wide besides this

  • The elevator has an opening of 42 inches, has a handrail in the back 32 inches above the elevator floor, is more than 70 inches wide and 50 inches deep, and all buttons are reachable besides the help button (48 inches off elevator floor) and the fire service button (52 inches off the elevator floor)

  • There are several components in the WaterPark area, such as the waterslides and the hot tub, that are inaccessible to get to

  • There is an alternative pathway which has doors that require a lot of force to open, and there is a lip with a gap between the outside and the interior of the building when using this alternative pathway



Description of Section

This includes if the seating is removable in all functional areas and if employees are around to help with seating.


  • All chairs have seating surfaces at about 17 inches off the floor and are easily movable

  • All table surfaces are about 16.5 inches off the floor so there is not knee clearance underneath them

  • The tables are easily movable as well, and stay 6 feet apart from each other at minimum

  • There are chairs and tables spread throughout the first level of the WaterPark area



Description of Section

This includes bathrooms being labeled as accessible, the width of bathroom and accessible stall doors, location of doors, height of door openers off the floor, weight of doors, presence of appropriate grab bars, the ability for a customer using a wheelchair to completely turn around in the bathroom/accessible stall, the height of the flush controls off the floor, the reachability of the sink/toilet paper/soap/drying equipment/lights, and the height of mirrors off the floor. For this facility, this also includes the accessibility of the changing rooms/stalls, showers, and swimsuit water extractors.


  • There is a Men’s Bathroom and a Women’s Bathroom, which are both labeled as accessible

  • There are no bathroom doors, however there are small thresholds which are not difficult to navigate over, and the openings are more than 33 inches wide

  • Customers using wheelchairs can do a 360 degree turn in either bathroom, but not in the accessible stalls specifically

  • The accessible stalls are about 60 inches by 60 inches, with 36 inches on one of the sides of the toilet

  • The accessible stalls have two grab bars around the toilets, all of them being 36 inches off the bathroom floor

  • The toilet paper dispensers are 7-9 inches from the centers of the fronts of the toilets in the bathrooms

  • The lights switches are at accessible heights off the floor

  • The sinks, two hand dryers, soap, and mirrors are at accessible heights in the bathrooms, and at least two of the mirrors are angled downwards as well

  • Most of the piping, but not 100% of the pipes underneath the sink are insulated

  • Swimsuit water extractors are not in an accessible reach range, they require pressing down on the lid on the top which is 48-49 inches off the bathroom floor

  • There is one spacious changing room/stall in each bathroom - they have door openings that are 32-33 inches wide, they are 68 wide (53 inches from the short side of the fold-down bench and 46 inches from the long side), 59 inches deep, they have an L-shaped bench, and have no grab bars around the bench

  • The L-shaped bench is at 18 inches off the floor, pretty difficult to fold up and down, 34.5 inches wide, 13.5 inches deep on the short side, and 20.5 inches deep on the L side where it comes out

  • At least in the Men's Bathroom in this stall, the hook for clothes/towels on the back of the stall door was damaged and unusable, but the lock/handle is at at an accessible height off the floor and does not require pinching, twisting, or grasping

  • The most accessible shower head in each bathroom has an L-shaped bench with the same dimensions as in the most accessible changing room and is about 18.5 inches off the floor

  • There is one grab bar that is on both sides of the corner near the bench which is about 36 inches off the floor

  • The grab bar is 26 inches long on the side parallel to the bench and 17 inches long on the shower control side

  • In the Men's Bathroom, the shower head can't be hung, so it is at an accessible height if it is hanging straight down

  • There is also a soap holder in both bathrooms that is about 34-35 inches above the bathroom floor, and the water controls are at accessible heights


Point of Sale

Description of Section

This includes the reachability of merchandise (including food and drinks), the height of the counter which customers pay at, and the presence of a removable tablet/card reader.


  • The check-in counter for the WaterPark to the right is the most accessible, with a section of its surface at 34 inches above the floor

  • The card readers are all at 39-41 inches off the floor

  • The rest of the counters have surfaces at 40 inches above the floor

  • There is a clear counter which is slightly different from the others - the top of its surface is at 37 inches above the floor

  • You can buy merchandise from the clear counter - staff gets items for you and brings it to you and there are bags with handles available



Description of Section

This includes the presence of accessibility features to make this establishment go above and beyond the accessibility of other establishments of the same type.


  • There are hooks on the backs of accessible stall doors at accessible heights off the bathroom floors in the Women’s Bathroom

  • Bags with handles are available

  • There are flotation devices


Pool/ Water Park

Description of Section

This includes the types of entries to the pools, the amount of elements available in the water, the presence of water wheelchairs, the process of finding water wheelchairs, the surface of sloped entries, and the presence of handrails


  • There are two elements accessible by sloped entry: the lazy river and the pool on the second level

  • There is no handrails for this sloped entry, the surface is solid, and the slope gets about to 8.33% or 1:12.

  • The hot tub, Pipeline FlowRider, the young children pool, all the water slides, and the majority of the play areas on the second level pool are inaccessible

  • Near the lazy river, there is a mushroom that can drop water on you, and on the pool on the second floor, the closest thing to a ground-level play component is the water that can be dumped on you or squirted at you

  • There are 4 water wheelchairs available across from the first aid area, there is no signage to find them, and it is unclear if there is a space to store personal wheelchairs

  • All stairs that go into the pool have handrails on both sides of them with adequate space in between them


Locker Room

Description of Section

This includes the path to and space around lockers, the height of lockers, the process of opening lockers, the accessibility of benches in the area, the accessibility of changing rooms/stalls in the area, and the reachability of everything in the area.


  • There is clear floor space of at least 30 inches wide and 48 inches deep next to benches and lockers

  • The bottom two rows of lockers are less than 42 inches off the floor, but it’s possible the bottom row might be difficult to reach for some visitors

  • Keys are required to open the locker, and visitors have to twist their wrist with the key to open it

  • There are life vests of a certain size that are all unreachable

  • Benches are 17-18 inches off the floor and are about 9.5 inches wide

  • There are 36 inches of space on each side of the benches

  • There are two family-sized changing rooms and two regular-sized changing rooms. In this picture you can see one of each

  • The door opening to get inside the family-sized changing rooms is 32-33 inches wide at least and has no lip underneath it

  • The width of the door opening for the regular-sized changing room is inaccessible

  • The bench surface inside the family-sized changing rooms are at 19 inches above the floor, the rooms are wider than 60 inches, and they are about about 50 inches deep from door to bench

  • Neither of the more spacious changing rooms have hooks at accessible heights

  • The door locks/handles are about 41-42 inches off the floor and do not require pinching, twisting, or gripping in the more spacious changing rooms

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