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Last updated:

Oct 26, 2022

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White House of the Confederacy

Accessibility Test Results
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Busy Hours

  • The site is typically not too busy because of the guided and timed tours

  • Saturday and Sunday at 1-3 PM is about as busy as it gets


Accessible Bathroom

Automatic Entrance Door

Step Stool

Pictorial Tour

Virtual Tour with Live Tour Guide

Accessibility Notes

  • Staff is friendly, and ready to help however they can. For example, staff can help open and close any doors, help you find quiet areas if needed, etc.

  • Virtual tours of the White House of the Confederacy with a live tour guide can be set up with two to three days' notice since the main house is currently not wheelchair accessible. If you would like to set up a virtual tour, contact the Director of Programs at (803) 649-1861, extension 121 or at

  • There is a clothing hook on a pole that can be used to retrieve shirts on the top row in the gift shop.

  • Bags with handles are available for any purchases in the gift shop area to make carrying items easier.

  • There is a large, non-portable, dry erase board and markers available for alternative communication.

  • There is parking in the VCU Medical Center 12th Street Parking Deck that can be validated at the welcome desk in the visitor center, which has a vertical clearance no higher than 6 feet 5 inches, and there are also several accessible street parking spaces nearby.

  • There is no labeled van accessible parking in the garage or for the street parking.

  • Most of the garage parking spaces have access aisles, but the street parking does not have any.

  • The surface of the accessible parking spaces and access aisles in the garage is concrete and most do not have a noticeable slope or cross slope.

  • There are no tactile domes at the transition from the parking lot surface in the garage to the elevator building and/or sidewalk, and the two surfaces are level with each other-having no curb or curb ramp.

  • For the street parking spaces, the slope of the spaces is minimal, and depending on where you park, there is either a curb cut with a yellow or gray tactile pad to access the sidewalk, or a curb cut with no tactile pad.

  • There is an elevator in the parking garage, with accessible features including tactile and braille buttons, that serves as part of the accessible route from the garage to the White House of the Confederacy.

  • The routes from the various parking spaces have steep slopes at times, and some transitions from the street to the curb cuts have a slight lip to access them.

  • The garage parking has the least amount of a sloped pathway to the entrance of all possible options, but is not the closest.

  • The paths to the White House of the Confederacy and associated gift shop and orientation building have some bench seating available along the way, some of which is slightly below an accessible height.

  • The entrance into the gift shop and orientation center has a fairly steep slope just before the door and a slight threshold, but it also has an automatic push button and a wide entryway door.

  • The main entrance doors to the main house, separate from the orientation building, can only be accessed via steps and lead to a double door where each leaf of the door can open if need be.

  • Both buildings have entry doors with hardware at an accessible height, but the knobs for the doors into the main house require grasping and twisting of the wrist, although it is almost always opened by a tour guide.

  • Once inside the gift shop and orientation building, the flooring surface is a mix of smooth tile and compact, low profile carpet and entrance rugs.

  • All of the main interior pathways of the orientation building are 36 inches wide or greater and all interior flooring transitions and thresholds are minimal.

  • Everything in the orientation and gift shop building is on one level.

  • There is one protruding object near the back of the giftshop where a handrail sticks out beyond the edge of a shelf with snacks on it and one on the 2nd level in the main house after turning to the right past the main staircase there will be a coat-hanging piece of furniture that has hooks that protrude from it, at 3-4 inches away from its base.

  • Inside of the main house itself, the flooring surface is almost exclusively carpet, most of the pathways and doorways are at least 36 inches wide, and the doors to the different rooms are kept open during hours of operation or are opened by a tour guide.

  • Currently the only way to access the upstairs is via a spiral staircase with 26 steps.

  • There is plenty of seating throughout both buildings, most of which is at an accessible height and is a bench type seating, but there are no easily portable/foldable chairs or chairs with backrests and armrests in the house.

  • The point of sale counter in the gift shop is at an accessible height and the card reader is movable.

  • There is some merchandise in the gift shop area that may be difficult to reach or heavy for some, but staff is able to assist if needed.

  • Signage is limited, generally, throughout.

  • The site is typically not too crowded because of the guided and timed tours, and does not have bad acoustics.

  • There are quiet spaces available in the basement of the main building, or the orientation space in the gift shop and orientation building. Ask staff for a more quiet, private space if needed.

  • All windows in both buildings have either shutters or shades to help make a space darker if needed.

  • Restrooms are generally accessible and can be found in the gift shop and orientation building behind the White House of the Confederacy.

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