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There are two parking spaces labeled as accessible right outside of the Purcellville Town Hall. The one on the left is van accessible. There is also great signage in front of the accessible spaces that point out how to get to the accessible entrance.

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The curb ramp just beyond the access aisle is very accessible - it is wide, not too steep, and has a textured pattern on it. There is no lip to get on the curb ramp.

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Once you get on the curb ramp, you want to turn right and then follow the side walk, which involves turning to the left when the sidewalk turns. The sidewalk is smooth, level, and wider than 36 inches the whole way.

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Once you turn left with the sidewalk, the accessible entrance will be right in front of you.

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Last updated:

Sep 7, 2021

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Purcellville Town Hall

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Busy Hours

  • Open for reservation as an event venue

  • Never too busy, but open to the public on certain occasions, such as Town Council meetings


Accessible Bathroom


Automatic Entrance Door

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(540) 338-7421

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Accessibility Notes

  • There are two accessible parking spaces on the side of the building, one of them is van accessible.

  • The accessible entrance is on the side of the building, and there are signs that point visitors in the right direction.

  • We suggest using bathrooms on the second floor, the bathrooms on the first floor are only able to be accessed by stairs or through locked doors that only staff can access.

  • The vertical clearance for one of the stairs on the interior staircase near the entrance is 72 inches, and as the stairs curve on both stair cases, their surface areas become smaller and smaller.

  • Staff members are happy to help arrange chairs in whichever way you prefer if you’d like to rent a conference room or attend a meeting in the Council Chambers. Please give them a call ahead of time using the number on this page to make arrangements.

  • There is accessible seating, signage for way finding, and pathways all throughout the building.

  • There are accessible restrooms.

  • Click the black "Accessibility Test Results" button at the top of this page to view in-depth accessibility metrics for this business!

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