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For parking overall, there are 6 spaces labeled accessible and are all paved. Shown are the 2 accessible spaces that are closest to the visitor center, which is a required stop to buy tickets or check-in with staff to show your tickets.

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Here is a closer look of the 2 accessible spaces near the visitor center. Both spaces are van accessible, however only the accessible space on the left is labeled as "van accessible". The paint on the parking lot surface for the international symbol of accessibility, as well as the dividing and access aisle lines are slightly fading. There are wheel stops at the ends of both of these spaces, which are both blue and centered in the middle of the spaces.

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There is a 0-step transition from the parking lot to the sidewalk.

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This is a closer image of the 0-step transition from the parking lot to the side walk. There is no lip or vertical change at this transition.

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Aug 29, 2022

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Henricus Historical Park

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Busy Hours

  • Wednesday-Friday 10a-2p

  • Saturday 2-5p

  • Sunday 12-3p


Accessible Bathroom



Golf Carts

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(804) 748-1611

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Accessibility Notes

  • Staff is friendly, and ready to help however they can. For example, staff can help: open and close any doors, help you find quiet areas if needed, etc.

  • There is a wheelchair, walker, and golf cart available upon request (we recommend calling ahead at least 3 business days in advance if you need to use the golf cart), and there is a step stool in the visitor center, if needed.

  • The location is service animal and pet friendly.

  • There are 4 total accessible spaces, 2 marked as “Van accessible,” and all accessible parking spaces are less than 100 feet away from the historical park entrance, or the visitor center entrance respectively.

  • The surface of the location’s outdoor paths are mostly gravel and dirt pathways that are relatively flat, but are uneven and sloped at times, with some tree roots, twigs, and other debris along the way, and the pathways are at least 36 inches wide.

  • The recreated historical structures often have small steps or thresholds to access them and sloped pathways up to them which may be a challenge for some.

  • The interior of most of the historic structures have at least some space to maneuver for visitors using mobility devices.

  • Rocke Hall and The Ordinary have upper level spaces that are only accessed by stairs.

  • Stairs in Rocke Hall may be a challenge for some as they are narrow, curved and lacking handrails at some points.

  • Ceilings and doorways are less than 80 inches high in some of the historic structures.

  • The Church/Meeting Hall, The Hospital, and The Ordinary within the historic area are temperature controlled spaces with electricity, but the remaining structures within the historic area rely on natural lighting and ventilation which may be difficult for some.

  • The interior spaces of the educational center, visitor center, and the restroom are hard surfaced tile, or carpet tile in the visitor center.

  • Some of the staircases and ramps on site do not have handrails or handrail extensions, and some of the pathways on the site are fairly steep, which may be a challenge for some, so use caution when navigating.

  • There are some outdoor seating options available with seating surfaces at accessible heights, and there are quite a few picnic tables, particularly near the visitor center and the river bluff.

  • The educational center is a large, relatively open space, with tables and chairs at accessible heights.

  • The point of sale counter in the visitor center is accessible, and the card reader is easily movable.

  • There is some merchandise in the visitor center that may be difficult to reach for some, but staff are willing to help upon request.

  • The site is generally not too noisy, except during reenactments or cannon firings which are scheduled ahead of time.

  • There are quiet spaces available in the educational center, and outside on the river bluff. Ask staff for a more quiet, private space if needed.

  • There are four gendered, multi-stall restrooms, two male and two female. One set of restrooms is located near the visitor center, and the other is next to The Ordinary, within the historic site - the path to this set of restrooms in the historic site has about a 2.5-3 inch step up to access it. The interior of each restroom is spacious and each one has an accessible and spacious stall, however visitors should be mindful of some exposed piping under the sinks in the bathrooms.

  • Click the black "Accessibility Test Results" button at the top of this page to view in-depth accessibility metrics for this business!

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