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Last updated:

Feb 21, 2020

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Foods of All Nations

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Busy Hours

  • 11:30 AM-1:30 PM

  • 4:30-6:30 PM


Automatic Entrance Door


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(434) 296-6131

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Accessibility Notes

  • There is a wheelchair that customers can use upon request. Make sure to let an employee know if you would like to use it. There are also seats in the cafe area that employees can bring to you anywhere in the store upon request if you need to rest.

  • As some products are hard to reach and heavy, the best time to shop is 9-11 AM and 2-4 PM as it is less busy and the store is fully staffed with employees in the aisles that are ready to help! After 4 PM, there are less employees in the aisles but you can go to the registers or any of the departments if you need help. Another good place to catch an employee if you can’t find one is the double doors between the bakery and wine section.

  • The openings from the automatic entrance and exit doors are 32 inches wide.

  • There are no electronic shopping carts at this location. There are carts located outside and hand baskets located near the entrance and at the end of the check-out counters.

  • The card readers in the grocery section are reachable, but it is possible that some customers might have difficulty seeing all the buttons and the screens.

  • There is furniture in the Women’s Bathroom: one piece of furniture near the toilet that could prevent a transfer or make it difficult to transfer to the toilet and one piece of furniture that makes it difficult to approach the sink/turn around. There is one piece of furniture in the men’s bathroom, but customers using wheelchairs could still do a full 360 degree turn in this bathroom depending on the size of the wheelchair.

  • If there are two registers open next to each other, it could be a little tight.

  • Employees in the cafe area are more than happy to help make your drinks, get you water, transport your food and drinks, and anything else upon request.

  • When it is busy in the cafe, it could be difficult to navigate around people and get to/around the accessible tables.

  • There is a merchandise area near the entrance where the items and layout of this space changes frequently, but it is likely that there are pathways that are less than 32-36 inches wide in this area, and that some items could be considered heavy or difficult to reach. Staff members should be near this area, and are happy to help however they can upon your request.

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