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Oct 21, 2019

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Courtyard Marriott- Charlottesville North

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(434) 973-7100

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Accessibility Notes

  • There are 6 accessible rooms with tubs: 3 studios (bed is in same room as desk) with a king bed, 2 studios with double double beds, and 1 one-bedroom suite with a king bed. There are 2 accessible rooms with roll-in showers: 1 studio with a king bed and 1 studio with double double beds. Please see pictures for more details.

  • 4 of the accessible rooms with tubs have fold-down benches in them, 2 of them do not (there are shower chairs for these rooms). Both of the rooms without fold-down benches are on the bottom floor. You can specify this when making your reservation over the phone by saying you want an accessible room with a tub on the bottom floor (not the same floor as the check-in desk).

  • Out of the two rooms with the roll-in showers, the double double accessible room is the most accessible because more things are reachable. Please see pictures for more details.

  • Employees can remove the bed frame for you if you need the bed to be lower upon request. In the accessible rooms, with the bed frame the top of the mattresses are about 28 inches off the floor and without the bed frame the mattresses are about 13 inches off the floor.

  • In both the showers and tubs, employees can move down the shower head to the lowest position on the vertical bar if requested. Please see pictures for more details.

  • There is a shuttle (which is a bus) that goes to and from the airport from 7 AM-11 PM with multiple steps going up to the seats, which we consider inaccessible. Please see the pictures to see if it is accessible to you.

  • The shower chairs do not have backs on them.

  • The main entrance is the most accessible (however it is often inconvenient to get to from the parking lot because of the distance and lack of curb ramps), and the other entrance doors are a little heavy and key/card readers could be considered too high for some guests. See pictures for more details. Please feel free to call the hotel if the door is difficult to open for you and employees will come help.

  • The hallways in the hotel are pretty long going from the main entrance to the elevator, however if you go through the Courtyard there are places to rest. Also, the fastest way (shortest distance to travel) to get to the pool might be to cut through the courtyard, depending on where your room is. There are doors throughout the hotel that go to the courtyard. Finally, there is a bench right next to the pool if you are walking down the hallway where the pool is.

  • There is an extra wheelchair, step stools, and at least 2 shower chairs. Feel free to ask the front desk for any of these things.

  • There are phones in the pool area, fitness room, and other areas. Give the front desk a call if you need assistance with anything in these areas.

  • Some items might be difficult to reach for some guests in “The Market”. The closest employees are at the check-in/front desk and they are more than happy to assist you in any way possible!

  • Employees at the front/check-in desk and at the Starbucks/Bistro area are more than happy to help with rearranging tables, moving chairs, holding chairs still, making coffee for you, getting food and drinks, transporting food and drinks, and anything else you might need upon request.

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