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Accessibility Test Form

Welcome to the Accessibility Test! Thanks for taking time to increase awareness in your community. Please answer all the following questions and submit all of the following pictures to the best of your ability. 

Your results will NOT be saved until you click "Submit" at the end.

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Introductory Questions

First, please enter your name and email to help us keep track of your responses.

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Some questions in this test ask your opinion on the location you are testing. If you feel comfortable doing so, please pick the choice(s) that best describes your situation:

Business Information:

*Business Name:

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*Picture of the main entrance, including any signs that might be above or nearby the entry point:

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*Business Categories:

To help classify your business, please choose up to 2 categories from the checklist below. These will show up as descriptors for the business.

Please choose a maximum of 2 categories.

-You can add up to 2 more specific categories that describe this business below.

-These descriptions should be 2-4 words long.

-Press "Add Category" to generate a new input field, and "Remove Category" to remove the bottommost one

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Descriptions cannot be more than 4 words in length.

*Busy Hours:

Provide some information for what time your business will be at its busiest.

Each input field will be saved as a separate bullet point; press "add" for a new input.


The following questions may affect some questions later in the test:

*Establishment Type:

Choose the option that best characterizes your business.

*Does this establishment have seating?

*Does this establishment have a bathroom?

*Is there a section of this retail/shopping location where you can purchase food or drink THAT IS MEANT TO BE CONSUMED THERE that is also owned and operated by the retail/shopping location?

Example: a café in a grocery store that is not Starbucks or some other separate brand.

Counterexample: a subway or a Starbucks in a grocery store.

Please ask employees of store if you are unsure.

*Does this retail/shopping location have a fitting room(s)?

*Does this hotel have a business center

*Does this hotel have a pool

*Does this hotel have a fitness center

*Can you do laundry at this hotel?

Please fill out all required fields on this page correctly before moving on. (Required fields have a * next to them.)

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