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May 19, 2022

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Yancey Community Health Center

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(434) 270-3216

Busy Hours

  • The clinic gets busy when there are clinics or events such as Covid vaccination events, please check the Blue Ridge Health District website to see when these clinics and events are happening


Adjustable-height Patient Table



Accessible Bathroom

Syringe Disposal Unit

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Accessibility Notes

  • Staff is friendly, and ready to help however they can. For example, staff can help: open and close any doors, help you find quiet areas if needed, and help provide interpreters.

  • There are 2 accessible spaces near this establishment, both of them being van accessible and sharing the same access aisle. The spaces are about 115-130 feet away from the main entrance.

  • During our visit, the policy for Blue Ridge Health District, when there was not an event/clinic happening, was that the doors are locked at all times, and clients are expected to either make an appointment and/or call before coming in. After calling, a staff member would escort the client inside.

  • There is an adjustable-height patient table that goes to an accessible height above the floor in the clinic.

  • The surface inside of the location is mostly smooth tile, almost all chairs have seating surfaces at accessible heights, and for the most part pathways are spacious throughout this location.

  • In the hallway headed towards the gymnasium (used during certain events/clinics), there is an AED Defibrillator that protrudes 6” off the wall at about 64-79” above the floor, as well as a hand sanitizer dispenser below it that protrudes about 4” off the wall, on the left side of the hallway.

  • There is an accessible exit labeled “C2” near the clinic rooms which leads to an outdoor seating area that can serve as a quiet space if needed. When outside of the “C2” exit, there is a paved pathway that is wider than 36” to get to benches that are in the grass just off the paved pathway. The benches have seating surfaces that are 16” above the grass and are 10” deep

  • There is also a garden on the outside of the gymnasium that could serve as a quiet space, but it is not as accessible to clients using mobility aids as the outdoor seating area near exit “C2”. There is a 5-6” curb outside of the exit door in the gymnasium to get to the garden - the accessible pathway would be a little longer and would require using the exit in the gymnasium, turning to the right to get on the sidewalk, and then turning to the right again around the building, then traveling towards the main entrance to the closest curb ramp, and then turning around and coming back to the area beyond the gym. The garden mainly has a ground surface of mulch and grass, there are several pathways less than 36” wide and several vertical changes in level as there are stones in the pathway, there are raised flower beds but most are below 15” above the ground, and there are some non-wheelchair-accessible picnic tables in the grass beyond the garden area.

  • There are not high ceilings in the clinic area, but there are in the gymnasium and cafeteria where the acoustics are a little worse than the clinic rooms. The sound level is usually low unless there is an event or clinic such as a Covid vaccination clinic, when the gymnasium or cafeteria are most often used.

  • There is a window with blinds on it in the clinic room - staff members are happy to raise and lower the blinds upon request.

  • There is an accessible, single-use restroom in the clinic area, as well as two multi-stall bathrooms labeled “Boys” and “Girls” further down the hall towards the gymnasium that have wheelchair accessible stalls in them.

  • There is a system for staff members to get interpreters upon request. If you’d like to request an interpreter to be there in-person, we suggest submitting a request for this in advance of your visit.

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