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Feb 24, 2021

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Unlocked History Escape Rooms

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(434) 664-1059

Busy Hours

  • By appointment only, more likely to be booked on the weekends

  • Book by visiting their website or calling their number, both included on this page


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Accessibility Notes

  • There are two spaces marked as accessible on either side of the end of Allied Lane, about 165 and 235 feet away from the entrance. There is a space near C’ville Coffee that isn’t marked as accessible but has an access aisle, which is about 175 feet away from the entrance. There are also 4 spaces across from C’ville Coffee that could work for some customers if the other spots aren’t available, which range from about 110-200 feet away from the entrance. Please see our pictures for more specifics.

  • The entrance/exit door is a little difficult to open due to the force required to open it and the threshold is about 5 inches total vertical rise in step-like formation. This vertical rise might make it difficult for some customers to get in the location. Employees are happy to help in whatever way you would like. You can call their location using the number on this page if they do not automatically see you and offer to help.

  • There is a small lip, less than 0.5 inches at the end of the first hallway to the escape rooms.

  • There are no accessible bathrooms in this location due to the absence of grab bars and 22-inch wide door clearances on each of the bathroom doors.

  • In order to complete the escape rooms, customers have to search the rooms for clues and then analyze them. Some of these clues might be inaccessible. It's possible clues might be higher than 48 inches or lower than 15 inches off the floor, they might require lifting heavier objects, or they might require pinching, gripping, or twisting. We suggest having more than one person not only to help access these clues, but to have a team to analyze them to successfully complete the escape rooms.

  • There are some inaccessible pathways inside the escape rooms, however there are doors to every single escape room that can be used as an alternative to these inaccessible pathways. Staff will show you these more accessible pathways.

  • One of the escape room doors is about 27.5 inches wide and has a protruding object in the maneuvering clearance, but the rest of the escape room doors are about 29-31 inches wide and have an accessible amount of maneuvering clearance on the pull side of the doors.

  • Most transactions are done online or over the phone before visiting, however there is a movable card reader in case this isn’t true. Staff members also take cards and swipe them for customers.

  • Click the black "Accessibility Test Results" button at the top of this page to view in-depth accessibility metrics for this business!

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