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Jun 3, 2021

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Massanutten Resort Indoor WaterPark Area

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(540) 437-3340

Busy Hours

  • Friday-Sunday in the afternoons


Accessible Bathroom


Water Wheelchair

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Accessibility Notes

  • There are 11 accessible parking spaces, 4 of them are van-accessible spaces. The distance from the parking spots to the entrance ranges from approximately 240-385 feet. At the steepest, the slope of the pathway from the parking spaces to the entrance is around 5% or 1:20.

  • Once you enter the building, there is a ramp to the left to get to the main floor, and if you continue straight from the ramp, you will eventually see an elevator on your left. You want to take this elevator to the first floor to get to Indoor WaterPark area. After exiting the elevator, you go to the check-in counters to your right.

  • The check-in counters all have card readers at about 39-41 inches above the floor. Bags with handles are available for purchasing merchandise.

  • There are water wheelchairs available. If you want to use one, it might be a good idea to ask the person at the check-in counter or the first aid room to show you where to get the water wheelchairs, where to store your personal wheelchair, and how to get your personal wheelchair back.

  • Lockers all require twisting your wrist with a key to open them. If this is a problem for you, you can the person at the check-in counter where you can put your personal belongings.

  • There are two family-sized changing rooms in the locker room and one in each of the bathrooms. They are both spacious and have benches that are a good height off the floor, but none of them have grab bars.

  • There is an accessible stall in each of the bathrooms, and there is also 3 shower heads that are all open with no walls/ dividers/ curtains. There is one shower head in each bathroom that is at an accessible height, with grab bars, and a fold-down L-shaped bench.

  • Almost all pathways are at least 36 inches wide, it’s possible that certain signage, tubes for the water, etc. are in the way.

  • There are some vents/drains that have openings parallel to the path of travel.

  • There is a sloped entry to the lazy river and the bottom level of the pool on the second level. The closest thing to a ground-level play component is the water that can be dumped on you or squirted at you from the mushroom near the lazy river and some pipes/buckets in the pool on the second level. Other components aren’t accessible to get to for some customers using mobility devices.

  • There is seating spread all throughout this bottom floor of the Indoor WaterPark area. All chairs have seating surfaces at about 17 inches off the floor and are easily movable. All table surfaces are about 16.5 inches off the floor so there is not knee clearance underneath them. The tables are easily movable as well, and stay 6 feet apart from each other at minimum.

  • There is an alternative exit to get to the accessible parking spaces quicker. You can go through the arcade and there will be a door in the back on the left. You will need to talk with an employee in the arcade area or the WaterPark area to let them know you want to go out this way. They can also help open the doors since they require a lot of force. Please see our pictures for more information on this alternative exit route.

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