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Last updated:

Mar 23, 2020

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Great Harvest Bread Company-Charlottesville

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(434) 202-7813

Busy Hours

  • 11 AM-1 PM

  • 2-4 PM


Accessible Bathroom

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Accessibility Notes

  • There are two spaces that are marked as accessible, on either side of Allied Lane, about 385 and 386 feet away from the entrance. There is a space near C'ville Coffee that isn't marked as an accessible space but has an access aisle that is about 200 feet away from the entrance, as well as 4 spaces across from C'ville Coffee that could work for some customers if the other spots aren't available and are about 185-265 feet away from the entrance. Please see our pictures for more specifics.

  • There are 1-2 tables (seat 3-4 people each) that have accessible seating and are easy to access. Most of the two person-tables inside are difficult to access because of the narrow pathway to get to them, but the ones that are easiest to access (with the widest pathway nearby) are: the one right near the fridge and the one right next to the entrance/exit door.

  • There is a children play area near the most accessible tables (the ones that seat 3-4 people). The chairs closest to this area could be considered hard to access. Also, it is possible that children could leave some of the toys in this area in the pathway to get to the accessible tables.

  • This location has both plastic and paper bags with handles if you would like them. Please ask employees for one of them if you would like one!

  • The point of sale counter and the tablet could be considered difficult to reach. However, customers hand their form of payment to the employee behind the counter, and they will ask you to sign the tablet if you gave them a credit card. However, they are more than happy to sign for you with your permission. When you’re checking out, please let employees know if you need help getting or transporting (to your car or to a table) any food or drink.

  • Staff is more than happy to help you move chairs out of the way or hold chairs still during transfers upon request.

  • The table used for the Knead and Sip class is about 36 inches off the floor. You are expected to stand around this table for about 30 minutes and knead bread on top of the table for about 5 minutes. Employees are more than happy to bring a shorter table and/or a chair for you to sit in upon request!

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