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May 25, 2022

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Fluvanna County Health Department

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(434) 591-1960

Busy Hours

  • The clinic gets very busy when there are clinics or events such as Covid vaccination events, please check the Blue Ridge Health District website to see when these clinics and events are happening


Adjustable-height Patient Table

Automatic Exit Door


Step Stool

Syringe Disposal Unit

Accessible Bathroom

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Accessibility Notes

  • Staff is friendly, and ready to help however they can. For example, staff can help: open and close any doors, help provide interpreters, take and swipe credit cards, and bring you juice/water/snacks.

  • There are 3 accessible spaces near this establishment, 1 of them being van accessible. The spaces range from about 185-235 feet away from the accessible entrance.

  • The main entrance has 4 steps and a set of two doors beyond it, as well as an entrance ramp next to the steps with a separate single door beyond it. After the top landing of the entrance ramp at the main entrance, there is a slightly-sloped (less than 5% slope) pathway up to the door that is less than 5 feet long. There is edge protection on the right side of this pathway but not on the left side where there is a 3-6” drop off - this slope continues all the way to the door. The door beyond the ramp is a single door that is automatic, at the time of our visit the automatic door opener button worked to exit the location (stayed fully open for more than 10 seconds long when pressing the button) but not to enter.

  • There is a door to the left of the main entrance which at the time of our visit was the only available entrance after 4:30 PM when Covid vaccination events were happening - the door has 4 steps leading up to it without an accessible alternative, but staff members are happy to come out to clients’ cars by request (can request this by phone call). There are handrails on both sides of the steps without circular gripping surfaces, a mat before the door that is 0.75” thick, and a 5” step right under the door. This door may be propped open during Covid vaccination events.

  • There is an emergency fire door in the patient area of the clinic: the pathway to it is around 31” due to toys and other things being stored in the hallway, it is hard to open the door force-wise but the door is 38-39” wide when opened completely, and once out of the door the pathway away from the building is steep without edge protection. Beyond the initial slope after this door, there is a continuous cross-slope greater than 3% and vertical changes of 0.25-0.75” several times along the sidewalk away from the building and this fire exit - this exit is marked in several maps inside that identify emergency exits; if possible and safe, we would suggest taking the main exit if trying to optimize accessibility.

  • In the clinic there is a counter at an accessible height (there are two taller counters but staff members can direct you to the more accessible counter by request if they don’t automatically offer it), and in the environmental health area the top of the counter is at 46” above the floor. In both areas, staff members are more than happy to take and swipe cards for clients, or assist in any way they can.

  • The surface inside of the location is mostly smooth tile, almost all chairs have seating surfaces at accessible heights. For the most part, pathways are spacious throughout this location except around some seating in the patient rooms in the Clinic and the Environmental Health area.

  • There are 2 exam rooms and 1 interview room in the clinic: they all have accessible chairs in them but Exam Room 1 is the most accessible in terms of spaciousness and the fact that it has an adjustable patient table that can be moved to an accessible height above the floor.

  • In the hallways in the clinic patient room area, there is an AED Defibrillator, bleeding control station, signage for one of the bathrooms, a hand sanitizer dispenser, and an adjustable-height measuring shelf that are all attached to the wall and could be considered protruding objects. Also, in the Environmental Health area, there is a water cooler and water bottles to the left and right of this water cooler that could potentially become protruding objects if they extend more than 5” from the rack they are on, depending on how they are put on the rack.

  • There are fingers snacks and canned water/juice that can be brought to clients in the Clinic area.

  • After entering the main entrance, there is an elevator available to the left that can be used to get down to the Environmental Health area.

  • There is a meeting space downstairs and/or patient rooms in the clinic that are usually more quiet and less crowded that can be used upon request. There is also an outside seating area near the side entrance door to the clinic that tends to be more quiet and less crowded as well. The picnic table near the side entrance to the clinic is non-wheelchair-accessible and clients have to travel through grass to reach it.

  • There are not high ceilings in this location, the acoustics are not bad, and the sound level is usually low unless there is an event or clinic such as a Covid vaccination clinic.

  • There are windows with shades in all of the areas - staff members are happy to help close and open them upon request.

  • If looking for an accessible bathroom, we suggest using the single-use bathroom labeled as accessible upstairs near the Clinic, past the bathrooms labeled Men and Women.

  • There are some maps around this building to help clients navigate and find emergency exits, but there are no digital resources or text descriptions to accompany the maps.

  • There is a system for staff members to get interpreters upon request. If you’d like to request an interpreter to be there in-person, we suggest submitting a request for this in advance of your visit.

  • There are coloring books and crayons and toy stations/education rugs at the clinic available upon request, as well as boards in the waiting room area that can be drawn on by clients at any time. There are also syringe disposal units in the patient rooms of the Clinic, a small step ladder in the bathroom labeled as accessible, and step stools available upon request in the clinic.

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