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Oct 21, 2022

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Ashland Visitor Center

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(804) 752-6766

Busy Hours

  • This visitor center gets more busy as Amtrak trains are scheduled to stop here, as the train tracks are right next to the visitor center

  • Tuesday's and Thursday's at 11 AM-1 PM

  • Friday's at 2-4 PM


Step Stool

Portable Ramp

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Accessibility Notes

  • Staff is friendly, and ready to help however they can. For example, staff can help open and close any doors, help you find quiet areas if needed, etc.

  • Drawstring bags are available for any free materials or purchases to make carrying items easier.

  • The Visitor Center is pet friendly but that fact is not advertised.

  • There are stress balls available in the welcome bags given out.

  • There are two labeled accessible street parking spaces on the west side of the railroad tracks, along North Railroad Ave, less than 100 feet away from the accessible entrance.

  • There is no labeled van accessible parking, and the labeled accessible street parking spaces have the access aisle in front of or behind the spaces, not immediately adjacent.

  • The parking spaces are on a relatively flat surface made of asphalt, with all the appropriate pavement markings and signage for standard accessible spaces.

  • There are two curb cuts with color contrasted tactile domes, one of which is connected to the shared access aisle for the two accessible spaces.

  • The route from the accessible parking spaces to the entrance is relatively flat and is only a short distance to the accessible entrance.

  • There are some benches at accessible heights in front of the building before reaching the door, all with backrests.

  • The accessible entrance is on the east side of the building, closest to the railroad tracks, although there is no sign directing you to an accessible entrance, with a portable ramp that can be brought out upon request, so the entrance can be made step free. If you need this ramp, you can reach a staff member at (804) 752-6766 so they can set it up for you.

  • There is also an entrance on the opposite side of the building away from the tracks, but there is an additional 5-inch high curb without a curb ramp in front of this door, and the portable ramp is not ideal for this door.

  • The accessible entrance door is push to enter and could be fairly heavy for some to open, but the door hardware is at an accessible height and requires grasping to open.

  • The clear width of the accessible entrance is greater than 36 inches.

  • Once inside, the main pathways are mostly 36 inches wide with a few exceptions at the various interior doorways which are less than 32 inches wide.

  • The flooring surface is small square tiles and linoleum type flooring with a slight change in vertical height at the transition between the two surfaces.

  • There are several places to sit, with seating at an accessible height, and backrests.

  • Some of the pamphlets or magazines for the different attractions and destinations may be difficult to reach as they are above or below an accessible height, but staff are happy to assist if needed.

  • The point of sale/service counter is slightly above an accessible height.

  • Signage is limited, generally, throughout.

  • The site is typically not too crowded, but can be crowded and noisy when a train passes by, arrives outside, or before a train shows up.

  • There is a quiet space available in the old ticket counter area, now just used as a display, and this room can be closed off if needed.

  • When the oil tank is filled downstairs, there can be a strong smell in the building - this is not an everyday occurrence.

  • None of the windows in the building have shades or blinds because visitors want to be able to see the trains.

  • Restrooms are generally not accessible. There are two single occupant, gender neutral restrooms in the building that have doorways less than 32 inches wide, less than a 60 inch by 60 inch clear space inside, and only one vertical grab bar on the side wall next to the toilet.

  • We recommend either asking a staff member where the closest accessible restroom is, or researching ahead of time to find where there is one nearby.

  • Click the black "Accessibility Test Results" button at the top of this page to view in-depth accessibility metrics for this business!

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