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Last updated:

May 30, 2021

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Diamond Jim's Arcade

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Busy Hours

  • On days when it is open, the arcade is busy during the afternoon hours 1-5 PM

  • The arcade is the busiest on Friday's and Saturday's during the afternoons


Accessible Bathroom


Accessibility Notes

  • There are 11 accessible parking spaces, 4 of them are van-accessible spaces. The distance from the parking spots to the entrance ranges from approximately 240-385 feet. At the steepest, the slope of the pathway from the parking spaces to the entrance is around 5% or 1:20.

  • Once you enter the building, there is a ramp to the left to get to the main floor, and if you continue straight from the ramp, you will eventually see an elevator on your left. You want to take this elevator to the second floor to get to the arcade.

  • The redemption counter is where you get your prizes from successfully playing the arcade games. The top of the surface of the counter is 38 inches off the floor, there are bags with handles available for prizes, and the card readers can be moved to the edge of the counters. Staff is happy to take your form of payment upon request to process it in the card reader for you, but sometimes signatures are required on receipts.

  • There are two vending machines on this level, and the vending machine on the right is slightly more accessible. The vending machine on the right is mostly for purchasing food, all the buttons are at an accessible height for seeing and reaching, and the machine accepts credit cards. The vending machine on the left does not accept credit cards and the part that accepts dollar bills is 48 inches off the floor. This machine mostly has drinks for purchasing.

  • There are about 17 games in the arcade area that require transferring. Approximately half of them have maneuvering clearance next to them, around 7 of them have part of the seat blocked by the game itself, and most of them have seat surfaces that are higher than 17-19 inches off the floor.

  • Many, if not more than half, of arcade games do not require transferring, have joysticks and buttons only, and have everything less than 46 inches above the floor.

  • Almost all pathways are 36 inches wide, however there are a couple that are 32 inches wide. Please check out the pictures and their descriptions for more specifics.

  • There is a table beyond the bar which has it’s surface at about 29-30 inches off the floor. The bar in Hideaway Lounge has its counter at about 42 inches off the floor.

  • There is a bathroom on the second floor if you go past the bowling game on the left and follow the hallway. The accessible stall door swings open and stays open right where the most accessible sink is, however the door is light. The accessible stall is very spacious.

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