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Apr 29, 2022

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Charlottesville/Albemarle Health Department

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Busy Hours

  • The clinic gets very busy when there are clinics or events such as Covid vaccination events, please check the Blue Ridge Health District website to see when these clinics and events are happening


Adjustable-height Patient Table


Syringe Disposal Unit


Accessible Bathroom

Automatic Entrance Door

Accessibility Notes

  • Staff is friendly, and ready to help however they can. For example, staff can help: open and close any doors, help provide interpreters, take and swipe credit cards, and bring you juice/water/snacks.

  • There are 2 standard accessible spaces at Entrance 1 (Clinic), 2 van accessible spaces at Entrance 3 (Environmental Health Records), and 2 van accessible and 2 standard accessible spaces at Entrance 4 (Dental Clinic). When parking at the closest van accessible parking spaces to Entrance 1, which are located at Entrance 3, the sidewalk is steep to get to Entrance 1.

  • Entrance 1 has the only doors with an automatic door opener.

  • The parking lot is made of smooth pavement and all pathways to entrances include curb ramps and sidewalks that are paved concrete and about 100 feet away, except the pathway from the van accessible spaces at Entrance 3 to Entrance 1 is about 200 feet.

  • The surface inside of the location is all either smooth tile or compacted industrial carpet, and for the most part pathways are spacious throughout this location except around some seating in the patient rooms both in the Clinic and Dental Clinic.

  • Clinic Room 10 is the only patient room in the Clinic area with an adjustable height patient table which goes to an accessible height, all other patient tables have surfaces at about 32-24” above the floor - please feel free to request this room if needed.

  • In one hallway in the patient room area of the Clinic, as well as the hallway to the bathroom in the Environmental Health Records area and the hallway perpendicular to the ramp inside of Entrance 4 (Dental Clinic), there are items on the wall that protrude more than 4” from the wall, including AED defibrillators, hand sanitizer dispensers, an adjustable-height measuring shelf, and a bleeding control station.

  • There are finger snacks and canned water/juice that can be brought to clients in the Clinic area.

  • If Entering Door 1 (Clinic), there is an elevator available straight ahead on the right to get down to the Dental Clinic area.

  • In the Dental Clinic area there is: accessible seating, doorways to 3 of the patient rooms that are less than 32” wide, and a steep pathway without handrails to the X-ray room.

  • The Environmental Health Records area has chairs with seating surfaces at 19.5-20” above the floor, a counter at an accessible height where staff members take and swipe cards for any purchases, and there are seats underneath every counter space.

  • There are meeting spaces and/or patient rooms near all public spaces that are usually more quiet and less crowded that can be used upon request. The outside areas tend to be more quiet and less crowded as well, and have picnic tables and benches that can be used whenever a client wants to use them. The picnic tables are non-wheelchair-accessible and the most accessible outside seating areas are the benches near Entrances 1 and 3.

  • There are not high ceilings in this location, the acoustics are not bad, and the sound level is usually low unless there is an event or clinic such as a Covid vaccination clinic.

  • There are windows with shades in all of the areas - staff members are happy to help close and open them upon request.

  • In the Clinic around the registration area there are two incredibly spacious single-use bathrooms and in the patient room area there is one single-use bathroom, that are all accessible. There is an accessible single-use bathroom near the Dental Clinic. In the Environmental Health Records area, there are two multi-use bathrooms which are not labeled as accessible, one of them is labeled Men’s bathroom and the other Women’s bathroom - there is space in these bathrooms for clients using wheelchairs to maneuver and make a 360-degree turn, but not in any of the stalls - both bathrooms have at least one “ambulatory accessible stall”, but do not have wheelchair accessible stalls. We suggest using the bathrooms in the Clinic or Dental Clinic area if seeking the most accessible experience.

  • There are some maps around this building to help clients navigate, but there are no digital resources or text descriptions to accompany the maps.

  • There are 2 wheelchairs available for clients in this building upon request. There are also coloring books and crayons available upon request at the information desk at the clinic, and there may be squeeze balls available upon request. There are syringe disposal units in the patient rooms of the Clinic, but not in the bathrooms.

  • There are dry erase boards for alternative communication that are available upon request, and there is a system for staff members to get interpreters upon request. If you’d like to request an interpreter to be there in-person, we suggest submitting a request for this in advance of your visit.

  • Click the black "Accessibility Test Results" button at the top of this page to view in-depth accessibility metrics for this business!

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