Side View of Bus
Side View of Bus

Here is what the typical JAUNT bus looks like. The two doors in the back of this picture is where the lift is.

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Rear View of Bus
Rear View of Bus

Here is what the back of the bus looks like (used for emergency exits).

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Front Entrance
Front Entrance

Here you can see there are three steps to get up on the JAUNT bus if you take the front entrance. There is also a stool on the right of this picture to help riders get on.

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Front Entrance Cont.
Front Entrance Cont.

Here is a closer look at the stool.

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Nov 19, 2019


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  • $1.50 per ride in ADA zone

  • $3.60-$6.25 per ride in non-ADA zone

  • $4 for one ride to the airport OR from the airport

  • $2 or $4 for "fixed routes"

Helpful Notes:

  • Jaunt handles paratransit for CAT and all of their busses are equipped with lifts for riders who need them

  • Pay cash (exact change) or check to the bus driver, can also buy tickets for trips from the driver or at the Jaunt office

  • Very busy (busiest is before 10 and after 2): need to call more than one day in advance to schedule a ride, maximum of two-weeks in advance to schedule a ride (when you call, please let them know if you need any special accommodations)

  • Staff is very well trained, and make sure to help in anyway possible

  • Need to be approved by CAT with a paratransit pass if you’re riding in “ADA zone”, meaning either pick-up or drop-off in this “ADA zone”, which is Charlottesville and urban Albemarle County (3/4 miles outside of Charlottesville city limits)

  • Getting approved by CAT with a paratransit pass for those visiting Charlottesville: If you already have a paratransit pass from where you live you can call CAT and coordinate getting a pass for Jaunt (good for 21 days of use for a 365-day period)-will take about a week or less, otherwise try to get a paratransit pass from your local public transportation system and then call CAT to get a pass for Jaunt (good for 21 days of use for a 365-day period) because you can’t get one in Charlottesville if you don’t live there

  • Getting a paratransit pass for those living in Charlottesville: You have to fill out a paratransit application and turn it in by mail or in-person (click here to learn more). It takes a maximum of 21 days to get application back and if there was an error in the application it could take another 21 days (so try to be as accurate and thorough as possible, for example: if it asks for your disability, do not ONLY say what ambulatory device you use or do not ONLY mention your age)

  • The Charlottesville Albemarle Airport is outside of the “ADA zone”, but if you’re going to or from Charlottesville then you will need a paratransit pass to use Jaunt (only leaves from airport around 7:45 AM and only goes to airport around 3:00 PM)

  • Click here to learn more about Jaunt’s fixed route services


(434) 296-3184

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