CAT Busses from Outside
CAT Busses from Outside

The closest bus in this picture is what most CAT busses look like, the other bus farther away in this picture is what some other CAT busses looks like. There are several variations of what the CAT busses looks like from the outside (with these two being the most common). However, all CAT busses have the same accessibility features.


Here you can see what the entrance/exit looks like and how wide it is.

Entrance/Exit Cont.
Entrance/Exit Cont.

The bus can lower to be even with curbs or just to be a shorter step up for riders.

Entrance/Exit Cont.
Entrance/Exit Cont.

The bus also has a ramp it can extend for riders.


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Nov 19, 2019

Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT)

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  • $0.75 for single bus ride (one bus, one route)

  • $1.50 for all day pass

Helpful Notes:

  • Pay cash (exact change) or check to the bus driver, can also buy tickets for trips from the driver or at the Downtown Transit Station

  • Stops are a little more rushed than stops for Jaunt and drivers tend to have less time to help riders with mobility issues due to the amount of people who ride these busses

  • There is a ramp (or a lift on a few CAT busses) that can be used for riders so that they do not have to go up any steps

  • Click here to see schedules and maps of the CAT bus routes


(434) 970-3649

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