ADA compliance does not make a business or building accessible. Our certification does not recognize businesses that are already ADA compliant, but rather those that are working on their accessibility.



What It Means For a Business to Be Certified

Certified businesses are aware of any present mobility limitations and are working to improve them.

Businesses are trained on how to address, treat, and assist individuals with mobility disabilities.

All businesses must participate in disability etiquette training.

VisitAble founder pointing out a certification sticker on the door of a business to his father, a wheelchair user. Both men are dressed in suits. - Photo by Eichner Studios
VisitAble founder and certified business owner standing together outside of Face Value Salon, the certified business. Individuals are grasping hands and smiling. - Photo by Eichner Studios

Why Our Certification is Unique

Our certification encourages a change in the attitude of the ownership of an establishment.

We work with historical buildings and small businesses in creative ways to promote better accessibility.

We go above and beyond ADA standards when we conduct our accessibility test.

We improve disability etiquette and customer service of employees.


Accessibility Test

An individual with a mobility disability will visit your establishment to test out the accessibility and observe how they are treated by employees.

All the while, we brainstorm creative solutions to make your business more accessible.

Next, we train the essential customer-facing employees on how to respectfully help and treat those with disabilities.

This will allow you to have customer service far superior to your competitors. We also provide store-specific feedback during the training as well.

Disability Etiquette Training


Once your establishment passes our accessibility test and disability etiquette training, we issue your location a VisitAble certification.

The certification sticker displays at the entrance and will also be broadcasted on our website and throughout all of our social media platforms.

Secret Shopper in wheelchair entering a business through an open door - Photo by Eichner Studios