VisitAble's Training Certification indicates that a location is actively working towards disability inclusion.

Our certified locations have had their visitor-facing and decision-making staff trained in disability etiquette, have gained the direct feedback from a person with a disability, are aware of their mobility accessibility, and are transparent about their mobility accessibility. 

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Why Become Certified?

Make a statement, through our certification as an unbiased and external source, that disability inclusion is incorporated into your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practices.


Provide a better experience for everyone - accessibility doesn't only help the disability community and its allies, but all of your visitors as well! (For example, think about how allowing more space increased accessibility and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic)


Attract and maintain a valuable and loyal segment of your customer/visitor market.

Be proactive about accessibility and disability inclusion - don't wait for a new facility, a renovation, or until an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complaint!

Ciara in her power wheelchair looking at her service dog.
A man in his wheelchair getting his hair washed - Photo by Eichner Studios

How Our Certification is Unique

Our certification addresses training, awareness, and transparency - we work with all locations regardless of current accessibility.

We are practical in our innovative and inexpensive feedback and suggestions, from both the perspective of the disability community and the perspective of your organization.


We are focused on the impact on the disability community, not just checking the boxes - we are not an ADA firm.

We involve the direct feedback of the disability community.

We answer crucial accessibility questions - without answers to these questions there is a barrier of uncertainty which prevents your potential visitors from coming to your location!


On a yearly and a location-by-location basis

Disability Etiquette Training

First, we train (either virtually or in-person) the decision-making and visitor-facing employees on how to respectfully help, interact with, and treat those with disabilities.

We include concepts such as: interacting with visitors with speech differences, what you are legally allowed to ask a service animal handler, what to do when a visitor has a seizure, and much more!

Disability etiquette training in action. A VisitAble expert gives a disability etiquette presentation to a group of employees from Three Notch'd business.

Accessibility Test

Next, a mystery guest with a mobility disability will visit your establishment to test out the accessibility and observe how they are treated by employees.

During this stage, we also conduct our own mobility accessibility test, which examines the most impactful and practical mobility accessibility features.

Report & Listing

After the mystery guest experience and accessibility test are completed, we compile a report with the feedback from the mystery guest, as well as our feedback and suggestions.

Our suggestions inform inexpensive interim solutions, long-term projects, and more!

Simultaneously, we will add your location to our database.

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Once these 3 steps are complete, we deliver your Training Certification sticker and virtual badge!

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Secret Shopper in wheelchair entering a business through an open door - Photo by Eichner Studios

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