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Diamond Jim's Arcade

Results from VisitAble's Accessibility Test



Description of Section

This includes the number of accessible spaces, the distance of the accessible spaces from the accessible entrance, and the accessibility of the path from the accessible spaces to the sidewalk that the entrance is on (includes curb ramps).


  • There are 11 accessible parking spaces, 4 of them being van-accessible, that are about 240-385 get away from the entrance

  • The parking lot is made of pavement

  • The path to the sidewalk from the accessible spaces is at least 36 inches wide and does not have a lip



Description of Section

This includes how easy it is to find the accessible entrance, steps/ramps/pathways from the curb ramp/sidewalk to the door, width of entrance door, lip under the entrance door, presence of automatic door openers, reachability of the door handle, and the weight of the door.


  • The slope of the pathway from the sidewalk (next to the accessible parking spaces) to the entrance is around 5% or 1:20

  • There are two entrance/exit doors to go through on your way in and on your way out, with no automatic door openers

  • The door handles are at accessible heights and the doors are not difficult to open in terms of weight/tension

  • The width of the door opening is about 33 inches wide and the lip is not difficult to navigate over

  • There is maneuvering clearances on both sides of all doors


Interior Pathways

Description of Section

This includes accessibility of lifts/ramps/elevators, signage to find accessibility features, widths of pathways, cleanliness of pathways, how steep pathways are, presence of inaccessible areas, and the weight/lip/height of handles & knobs of doors not covered by other sections.


  • Once you enter the building, you have to take a ramp to get to the main floor to access the elevator

  • The ramp has handrails, is wider than 36 inches, and is not steeper than 8.33% or 1:12

  • The pathway to get to the elevator (which is on your left as you continue straight after the ramp) is more than 36 inches wide and level after exiting the ramp

  • The elevator has an opening of 42 inches, has a handrail in the back 32 inches above the elevator floor, is more than 70 inches wide and 50 inches deep, and all buttons are reachable besides the help button (48 inches off elevator floor) and the fire service button (52 inches off the elevator floor)

  • There is no signage available to locate the elevator

  • Almost all pathways are 36 inches wide in the arcade area and clear of objects, however some pathways that are 32 inches wide and its possible that pathways could be tight when there are people using the games



Description of Section

This includes if the seating is removable in all functional areas and if employees are around to help with seating.


  • There is one table in the arcade area beyond the bar

  • The table surface is about 29-30 inches above the floor, and the seats are easily movable

  • The leg underneath the table is in the middle and its base extends out in 4 directions on the floor



Description of Section

This includes bathrooms being labeled as accessible, the width of bathroom and accessible stall doors, location of doors, height of door openers off the floor, weight of doors, presence of appropriate grab bars, the ability for a customer using a wheelchair to completely turn around in the bathroom/accessible stall, the height of the flush controls off the floor, the reachability of the sink/toilet paper/soap/drying equipment/lights, and the height of mirrors off the floor.


  • There is a Men’s Bathroom and a Women’s Bathroom, which are both labeled as accessible

  • The bathroom doors are a little difficult to open force-wise, however the doors do not have thresholds, have handles at accessible heights, and have openings that are 33 inches wide

  • The accessible stall door swings open and stays open in front of the most accessible sink, however this door is plastic and relatively light

  • Customers using wheelchairs can do a 360 degree turn in either bathroom, but not in the accessible stalls specifically

  • The accessible stalls are about 60 inches by 60 inches, with 36 inches on one of the sides of the toilet

  • The accessible stalls have two grab bars around the toilets, all of them being 36 inches off the bathroom floor

  • The toilet paper dispensers are 7-9 inches from the centers of the fronts of the toilets in the bathrooms, however at least in the Men’s Bathroom, there is no space between the toilet paper dispenser and the grab bar, preventing a grip on the grab bar in that area

  • The lights switches are at accessible heights off the floor

  • The sinks, soap, and mirrors are at accessible heights in the bathrooms, and at least one of the mirrors is angled downwards as well

  • More than 50%, but not all of the pipes underneath the sink are insulated

  • The hand dryers have buttons that are not at accessible heights, about 54 inches off the bathroom floor


Point of Sale

Description of Section

This includes the reachability of merchandise (including food and drinks), the height of the counter which customers pay at, and the presence of a removable tablet/card reader.


  • The redemption counter is where staff hands you prizes for successfully playing the arcade games

  • The top of the surface of the redemption counter is 38 inches off the floor, there are bags with handles available for prizes, and the card readers can be moved to the edge of the counters

  • Staff is happy to take your form of payment upon request to process it in the card reader for you, but sometimes signatures are required on receipts

  • There are two vending machines on this level: the vending machine on the right is mostly for purchasing food, all the buttons are at an accessible height for seeing and reaching, and the machine accepts credit cards; the vending machine on the left is mostly for purchasing drinks, does not accept credit cards and the part that accepts dollar bills is 48 inches off the floor



Description of Section

This includes the presence of accessibility features to make this establishment go above and beyond the accessibility of other establishments of the same type.


  • There are hooks on the back of accessible stall doors at accessible heights off the bathroom floors

  • Bags with handles are available


Arcade Games

Description of Section

This includes the width of pathways to games, clear floor space next to games, the reachability of game controls, the requirement of pinching, twisting, or grasping to play games, the requirement of transferring to play games, and the presence of adaptive controls such as joysticks and buttons.


  • More than 50% of games have a pathway that is at least 32 inches wide to where you can play them or transfer to them

  • More than 50% of games have controls in an accessible reach range

  • Only a couple games such as a couple motorcycle-style games require pinching, twisting, or grasping

  • There are about 17 games in the arcade area that require transferring. Approximately half of them have maneuvering clearance next to them that is 30 inches wide by 48 inches deep, around 7 of them have part of the seat blocked by the game itself, and most of them have seat surfaces that are higher than 17-19 inches off the floor

  • More than half of arcade games do not require transferring, have joysticks and buttons only, and have everything less than 46 inches above the floor

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