“The VisitAble training and certification program is an excellent tool in helping to educate staff on accessibility awareness and etiquette... We have now been provided with an excellent foundation for better understanding and assisting our guests with mobility issues. I highly recommend this program for every type of business.”

- Sara Bishop, General Manager of Hyatt Place Charlottesville

Why Become Certified

The Facts 

1. Even with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), there are holes in every business's accessibility.

2. Those with mobility issues will not come to your establishment if they can't find accessibility information.

3. According to the CDC, 1 out of 7 adults in America has an ambulatory problem (trouble getting around). As the baby boomer generation begins to enter retirement, the number of those with ambulatory problems will increase and accessibility will become even more important for your business.

4. Having our certification allows you to effortlessly share your establishment's accessibility, have access to more feedback and products, and extend superior customer service to those with mobility issues. This increases the likelihood of attracting more than 14.2% of your potential customer market, and many may become regulars because they know the courtesy and accommodation of any business with a VisitAble certification.

Grit Coffee Putting on Sticker - Photo by Eichner Studios

"We care about every person who comes through our doors at Grit Coffee, and VisitAble helped us think through how best to serve our customers with mobility limitations... We're proud to be an early adopter of this innovative idea."

- Dan FitzHenry, Director of Operations at Grit Coffee

Face Value Salon - Photo by Eichner Studios

"So grateful to VisitAble for setting recognizable standards in service that reflect our core values in customer care. We consider our certification a badge of honor.. and we are so happy for the opportunity to connect with a valued and loyal client base through VisitAble"

- Lucinda Riley, Owner of Face Value Salon


Our mobility-friendly certification includes:

  • Our certification sticker that you can put on your window or door so those walking by can see your that you are an inclusive and forward-thinking business

  • Your location(s) being listed on our website as certified, which allows everyone who comes to our website to know your establishment has gone through our certification process

  • The ability to put our logo on your website, so those who visit your website will know you value all customers, regardless of their mobility

  • The confidence of being prepared to make sure your customers with mobility issues have a pleasant experience at your establishment (which might make them a loyal customer!)


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Is your business not mobility friendly? We can help you become more accessible!
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