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Last updated:

Jun 6, 2021

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The Brow House

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(434) 825-5333

Busy Hours

  • Late mornings-early afternoons (approximately 10 AM-2 PM)

  • Tuesday's and Thursday's 5-8 PM


Accessible Bathroom

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Accessibility Notes

  • There are 4 accessible parking spaces nearby, 2 of them are van-accessible spaces (the ones closest to the Kardinal Hall entrance). The distance from the parking spots to the entrance ranges from approximately 160-200 feet. At the steepest, the slope of the pathway from the parking spaces to the entrance is around 5% or 1:20.

  • It’s possible the maneuvering clearance to pull open the exterior entrance door is a little tight for some customers due to the turn required to get to the door and there might be people near the door that you have to navigate around. If you call The Brow House upon arrival, they are more than happy to help open this door for you.

  • The point of sale counter that is facing the interior entrance door might be a little high for some customers, however there is a section on the other side of the counter that has a surface 30 inches off the floor. There is a movable card reader, a clipboard with a sign-in sheet that can be handed to you, and an iPad that can be moved to the edge of the counter.

  • Some merchandise available to purchase could be considered too high off the floor to reach, however the staff behind the point of sale counter is happy to help upon request if they don’t automatically check-in with you. There are also bags with handles available for merchandise.

  • There is a couch that has its seating surface at an accessible height off the floor, however it is possible that the pathways to get to it are not wide enough or clear. Staff is happy to help clear the pathway to this couch upon request.

  • There are a couple treatments that require being on a treatment table. Please make sure to specify what height you would like the table to be at when you make your reservation (on the phone or on the website). Also, there are two treatment tables that are 32 inches wide if you want to request one of those while you make a reservation as well. Please see our pictures for more specifics on the treatment tables.

  • All pathways (besides around the couch) in the main areas are at least 36 inches wide. In the treatment rooms, there is more space in the two rooms closest to the interior entrance door. The clear floor space for customers with mobility devices will be located mostly in the corner where the doorway to get in the room is. In order to make sure you have a more spacious room if you need it, you might want to let staff know while you make a reservation that you need a space 48 inches wide by 48 inches long (or whatever dimensions you think you’ll need.

  • The bathroom is very spacious, has grab bars, automatic lights, and almost all features are reachable and at good heights, however it’s possible that the toilet paper might be a little far away from the toilet due to other customers moving it, and it’s possible that there might not be adequate maneuvering clearance for some customers to pull the door open to get out of the bathroom because the sink is right next to the door handle.

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