Accessible Parking
Accessible Parking

There are two accessible parking spots that are to the left of the front entrance when facing the front of the restaurant.

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Accessible Parking Cont.
Accessible Parking Cont.

Here you can see the distance from the closest accessible parking spot to the front entrance.

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Path to Entrance
Path to Entrance

The curb cut makes the path slightly angled (perpendicular to the path of travel) when getting to the front entrance.

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Here is what the front entrance set of doors looks like. If they are too heavy for you to open, the employees are directly in front of the doors and you could wave to get their attention. Alternatively, you could call the restaurant to get someone to help you.

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Nov 19, 2019

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Timberwood Tap House

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(434) 234-3563

Busy Hours

  • Weekdays: 5-8 PM

  • Weekends: 12-8 PM


Accessible Bathroom

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Accessibility Notes

  • Tables inside have one leg in the center of the table that spreads out in four different directions from the middle.

  • Staff is happy to help you rearrange tables, move chairs, or hold a chair still while you transfer if need be.

  • Unfortunately, the bar surface, seating, and tables in the bar area are a little too high off the ground for us to label them as accessible (please see pictures to see if it is accessible to you!).

  • Doors to outside are a little heavy, let staff know if you need help opening them and they will happily help.

  • Employees are good about opening entrance doors, but if for some reason they do not come right away, feel free to give the restaurant a call and get someone to come open them for you!

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