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Right next to the entry point to the Wool Factory (shown in this picture), there are 3 van accessible parking spaces.

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Shown is one of the accessible parking spaces. There are no other accessible parking spaces next to it, but the space and the access aisle next to it are wide enough to make the space van accessible.

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Shown are the other 2 accessible parking spaces next to the Wool Factory. These two accessible spaces share a wide access aisle, which make them both van accessible. There is also another standard access aisle next to the accessible space that is further away from the sidewalk that leads to the Wool Factory. On the other side of the standard access aisle is a Take-Out spot, which has a faded accessible parking space symbol. This space with the faded symbol is no longer used for accessible parking.

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Shown is the entry point to Wool Factory right next to the accessible parking spaces. The parking lot turns into a sidewalk, without any vertical changes in height, and the pathway is smoothly paved and more than 36 inches wide. There are two short poles right as the sidewalk starts, but there are no truncated domes on this transition from parking lot to sidewalk.

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Last updated:

Nov 10, 2021

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The Wool Factory

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(434) 270-0555

Busy Hours

  • Friday's and Saturday's 5-10 PM

  • Tuesday's-Thursday's 5-8 PM

  • Sunday's 3-6 PM


Accessible Bathroom

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Accessibility Notes

  • There are three van accessible spaces that are less than 100 feet away from the entry point of the Wool Factory.

  • There is accessible seating area throughout this location, except at the bar in Broadcloth Restaurant.

  • There is full table service both at the Broadcloth Restaurant and at Selvedge Brewing, but not at the Workshop. However, the card reader is completely movable and the iPad/tablet at the point of sale can angle downwards, so feel free to ask staff to adjust these items to whatever position is easiest for you.

  • There are trays and bags with handles available to transport food, drink, and merchandise. In The Workshop, feel free to ask for a tray for holding drinks or a flat tray to transfer food and drinks. Staff is also happy to help transport food, drinks, and merchandise from any of the areas upon request.

  • There are plastic/lightweight cups, straws, and lids available upon request.

  • There are knobs that require turning of the wrist on all of the bathroom doors.

  • It’s possible the cream, sugar, and coffee stirrers in The Workshop might be considered difficult to reach, but staff is nearby and happy to help.

  • It’s possible the self-serve water in the outdoor seating area might be considered difficult to reach, and we suggest customers request water while inside The Workshop or Selvedge Brewing.

  • There are accessible bathrooms in each of the 3 areas (Selvedge Brewing, The Workshop, and Broadcloth Restaurant), however the bathrooms labeled as accessible in Selvedge Brewing have the most space in them overall due to small tables in the Broadcloth bathrooms and a barrel in the Workshop bathroom, and the Broadcloth Restaurant bathrooms have the most maneuvering clearance to pull open the doors from the inside due to trash cans being next to doors in the other bathrooms.

  • All pathways and door openings are extremely wide at this location.

  • Click the black "Accessibility Test Results" button at the top of this page to view in-depth accessibility metrics for this business!

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