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Location of Accessible Parking
Location of Accessible Parking

When looking at the entrance to the location, the accessible parking spaces should be to the left around the corner.

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Accessible Parking
Accessible Parking

There are 3 accessible parking spaces that are to the left around the corner. All 3 of these spots are about 100-200 feet away from the entrance. The two pictured are across the street.

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Accessible Parking Cont.
Accessible Parking Cont.

This accessible parking space (on the right of the access aisle shown) is on the same block as the location.

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Pathway to Entrance from Accessible Parking
Pathway to Entrance from Accessible Parking

Here is a look at the curb ramp to get to the location from the parking lot. It is smooth, not too steep, and has slip-resistant material.

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Last updated:

Nov 5, 2020

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Rivanna Cryotherapy Recovery Center

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(434) 989-0538

Busy Hours

  • By appointment only

  • Book by visiting their website or calling their number, both included on this page


Accessible Bathroom

Accessible Hydraulic Massage Table

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Accessibility Notes

  • There are 3 accessible parking spaces that are around the corner from the location, about 100-200 feet away from the entrance.

  • There is a hydraulic massage table that is 30 inches wide, can go as low as 19 inches from the ground, can move to a seated position, and has a headrest.

  • The point of sale counter could be considered difficult to reach. However, the card reader and tablet can be moved to wherever the customer desires.

  • Staff gets and transports water and refreshments for patrons.

  • The Whole Body Cryosauna requires patrons to stand while using.

  • Some treatments require patrons to change their clothes.

  • Visit their website, using the link on the right of this page, to learn more about the treatments offered. When booking your appointment, feel free to tell staff any accommodations you might want (for example: asking for the hydraulic table if transferring to the other chairs might be difficult), or any concerns you might have regarding the effects or processes of the treatments.

  • Click the black "Accessibility Test Results" button at the top of this page to view in-depth accessibility metrics for this business!

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