Accessibility Notes

  • There are no seats, electronic shopping carts, or ambulatory devices at this location.

  • The pathway to the bathroom (the bathrooms are in the back left of the store) is less than 36 inches wide. Please see pictures to see if it wide enough for you.

  • We do not consider the card readers in the checkout area to be at accessible heights. While they might be reachable for some customers, it could be considered hard to see the screens and all the buttons.

  • There is no slip-resistant material on the curb ramp in order to get on the sidewalk.

  • There are hand baskets located in the entrance and throughout the establishment.

  • Click the "Accessibility Test Results" button below to view in-depth accessibility metrics for this business!

Parking and Other Helpful Information

Please click on photo gallery below (in the middle, between the arrows) to see descriptions and scroll through pictures.


Accessible Bathroom

Automatic Entrance Door

Busy Hours

  • 3-6 PM on Friday’s

  • 1-4 PM on Saturday’s

  • 1-3 PM on Sunday’s

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