Accessible Parking
Accessible Parking

Right on the side of Muse Paintbar, next to the entrance ramp, are two accessible parking spaces. You can see the access aisle is very wide and the curb ramp in this picture between the two spaces. The curb ramp does not have a lip and does not have a steep incline.


In this picture you can see the entrance ramp. You can see it right as you get past the curb ramp and head towards the entrance door. There are guide rails on both side of the entrance ramp and the slope of the ramp is not too steep.

Entrance/Exit Door
Entrance/Exit Door

In this picture you can see the entrance/exit door. Although not pictured, the lip under the door is not hard to navigate over and when one door is opened, the opening is about 32-34 inches wide. This door is not too heavy when opening it either.


In this picture and can see the general layout of the space in Muse Paintbar. There are high tables with stools and lower, more accessible tables with chairs. There are canvases on tops of the tables which you paint on for the whole session.


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Mar 4, 2020

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Muse Paintbar Charlottesville

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Busy Hours

  • Thursday-Sunday classes will most likely be full


Accessible Bathroom

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Accessibility Notes

  • There are usually only 2 workers at a session, 1 being the instructor and the other being the person at the bar where you order food and drinks (there is a 30 minute time frame to order food and drinks). You have to go up to the bar (which is a little high) to order and to pick up/transport your food and drinks to your table. However, the card reader to pay at the bar is portable and can be moved wherever you want it when purchasing your food and drinks.

  • There are tables at accessible heights, however it’s possible that some customers might have trouble reaching the tops of the canvases on the accessible tables.

  • If the class is busy and people moved their chairs out from the tables a little, some of the pathways could be less than 32 inches due to people being in the way.

  • There is a sink where customers can wash their hands and their brushes when they switch paint colors outside of the bathrooms. The water controls could be considered difficult to reach for some customers.

  • In terms of helping with painting and getting supplies (paint and brushes), staff are very helpful.

  • The bathrooms are very spacious.

  • The counter where customers put their food dishes after eating is at an inaccessible height.

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