Accessible Parking Map
Accessible Parking Map

There are two locations near Eichner Studios with 6 accessible parking spaces total (marked by the green markers). Eichner Studios is indicated by the black marker and the text that says Suite #160. The parking on the left of Eichner Studios on the map has 4 spots and is about 215 feet away from the entrance. The parking on the right of Eichner Studios on the map has 2 spots and is about 375 feet away from the entrance.

Accessible Parking Spaces
Accessible Parking Spaces

This picture and the next couple pictures show the spots on the left of Eichner Studios on the map shown in the previous picture.

Accessible Parking Spaces Cont.
Accessible Parking Spaces Cont.
Accessible Parking Spaces Cont.
Accessible Parking Spaces Cont.

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Sep 9, 2019

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Eichner Studios

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Busy Hours

  • Irregular busy hours, can make appointments for photo shoots or stop by whenever to look at the art gallery


Accessible Bathroom

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(434) 987-3993

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Accessibility Notes

  • Pictures are located on the wall, the staff is happy to help get the pictures off the wall for you and if you buy them, they are more than happy to transport them to your car for you.

  • There is a photo studio in this establishment, if you make an appointment it can be set up however you like, or the staff can come to wherever you want to take pictures.

  • If you drop-by, the staff is ready to open the door for you (feel free to call), and make sure you are able to navigate around the establishment.

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