Accessible Parking
Accessible Parking

There is one accessible parking space almost directly in front of the entrance (the light you can see hanging off the building in this picture is right above the entrance). All spots on this street in front of the store are available (but only for two hours max on weekdays before 4/5). There is another parking lot around the corner of the building (available Monday-Friday after 5 and all day Saturday-Sunday), but we suggest parking on the street in front of the location if possible.

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Accessible Entrance/Exit
Accessible Entrance/Exit

Right near the accessible parking space is this entrance door. If it is too heavy for you, please give the location a call and they will open it for you. There is another entrance door but it has steps, and we will address in later pictures.

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Accessible Entrance/Exit Cont.
Accessible Entrance/Exit Cont.

Here you can see the lip under the accessible entrance/exit door.

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View After Entering
View After Entering

After entering from the entrance in the last two pictures. This is what you will see. There are 3-foot aisles but during busy times, there most likely will be people in the way, please see the next two pictures for more specifics.

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Sep 9, 2019

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Charlottesville Champion Tap Room

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(434) 295-2739

Busy Hours

  • 5-11 PM on Friday's

  • 3-10 PM on Saturday's

  • On event days (such as Trivia Night or Concerts- click here to see when events are): 1 hour before event start-1 or 2 hours after the event ends/closing time


Accessible Bathroom

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Accessibility Notes

  • During busy hours, the aisles most likely will be clogged with people. Please see pictures for more details.

  • Although you have to go to the bar (which could be considered unreachable for some customers) to make a food/drink order and talk to the employees, staff is willing to: transport your food and drinks, get/transport games, move the point of sale to a more accessible height, and help you with your chair/table upon request.

  • Directly across from the main entrance you will see a "Restroom" sign with arrows pointing both ways. We consider the bathroom on the left more accessible because it is more spacious and has grab bars. Please see pictures for more details.

  • There is an outside area where events are held. If the event is outside only, there will be an ADA-accessible portajohn made available to customers. Please be careful as the pavement isn’t smooth in this area. Also, the door closest to the outdoor area has an automatic door opener but has two steps to get down into the building. Please see pictures for more specifics.

  • You can leave your dishes/trash at your table, and the employees are more than happy to clean up for you!

  • Click the black "Accessibility Test Results" button at the top of this page to view in-depth accessibility metrics for this business!

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