Accessible Parking Space #1
Accessible Parking Space #1

Here is one of the five accessible parking spaces around Brazos Tacos. It is the only space on the front side of the store. As you can see, it is right next to the path and close to the entrance.

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Pathway to Entrance from Accessible Parking Space #1
Pathway to Entrance from Accessible Parking Space #1

The pathway from Accessible Parking Space #1 is made out of brick and is a little bumpy.

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Accessible Parking Spaces #2 and #3
Accessible Parking Spaces #2 and #3

These two spaces are the farthest from the entrance, located to the side of Brazos Tacos.

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Accessible Parking Spaces #4 and #5
Accessible Parking Spaces #4 and #5

These spaces are right across the street from Spaces #2 and #3. You can see a pathway to the front of the store in the middle of the two spaces, however it isn't so accessible. Please see the next picture to find the accessible pathway.

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Sep 9, 2019

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Brazos Tacos

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Busy Hours

  • 11:30 AM-2 PM

  • 5:30-8 PM


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Accessibility Notes

  • Food is brought to you, but drinks are self-serve and self-transported. The drinks, napkins, sauces, and silverware might be a little too high for some, however staff is ready to deliver these things to your table for you with your food upon request

  • Tables are accessible, but not set up for bigger parties. Please let the staff know if you need the tables rearranged!

  • Dishes and trash can be left at the table, and the staff will clean it up after you are done

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