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Accessible Parking Spaces
Accessible Parking Spaces

There are 8 accessible parking spaces which are about 100-200 feet away from the entrance.

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Accessible Parking Spaces Cont.
Accessible Parking Spaces Cont.

This picture shows the view from the accessible parking spaces. In the very right of the picture, you can see the walkway and the curb ramp to get onto the sidewalk, which has a very gradual slope and slip-resistant material.

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There are two pairs of doors to get in and out of the building.

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Entrance/Exit Cont.
Entrance/Exit Cont.

Here is a closer look at the first set of doors, you can see that the handles are at accessible heights off the ground.

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Jan 16, 2020

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Alamo Drafthouse Charlottesville

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Accessible Bathroom

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Accessibility Notes

  • The accessible seating in all the theaters is a space with a removable seat. The seats do not have movable armrests and are not reclinable. The seats next to the accessible seating spaces have two cupholders and there is a little table as well to hold food/drinks.

  • You can order food and drinks from your seat and they will be delivered to you.

  • You can pick accessible seats at the ticker counter and when ordering tickets online, but not using the self-serve ticket kiosk at the theater. When getting an accessible seat ticket, you will be asked if you want a chair in the space or not.

  • Click the black "Accessibility Test Results" button at the top of this page to view in-depth accessibility metrics for this business!

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