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Overall accessibility is great, and owners are committed to further improving access. Staff is very accommodating and willing to help if needed. Parking is a little tricky with the gravel lot, but is close to the entrance. Lip from the gravel lot onto concrete sidewalk could be challenging for some using mobility devices to navigate. Front door is difficult to open on your own as it is on a bit of an incline, but more often than not, staff and/or other patrons are around to help if needed. The interior is very spacious and accommodating with several tables at accessible height. There is a ramp available upon request if you wish to sit outdoors, but the mulched outdoor seating area isn't ideal, although the outdoor tables are at accessible height. Restrooms are accommodating and have accessible stalls (1 per restroom) with ADA grab bars. The soap and paper towel dispensers are motion activated and fairly easy to reach, and the bathroom doors are fairly easy to open and close manually (no ADA push button), as they do not require any pitching or grasping.

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