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Introductory Questions

First, please enter your name and email to help us keep track of your responses.

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Some questions in this test ask your opinion on the location you are testing. If you feel comfortable doing so, please pick the choice(s) that best describes your situation:

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*Picture of the main entrance, including any signs that might be above or nearby the entry point:

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To help classify your business, please choose up to 2 categories from the checklist below. These will show up as descriptors for the business.

Please choose a maximum of 2 categories.

-You can add up to 2 more specific categories that describe this business below.

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Descriptions cannot be more than 4 words in length.

*Busy Hours:

Provide some information for what time your business will be at its busiest.

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The following questions may affect some questions later in the test:

*Establishment Type:

Choose the option that best characterizes your business.

*Does this establishment have seating?

*Does this establishment have a bathroom?

*Is there a section of this retail/shopping location where you can purchase food or drink THAT IS MEANT TO BE CONSUMED THERE that is also owned and operated by the retail/shopping location?

Example: a café in a grocery store that is not Starbucks or some other separate brand.

Counterexample: a subway or a Starbucks in a grocery store.

Please ask employees of store if you are unsure.

*Does this retail/shopping location have a fitting room(s)?

*Does this hotel have a business center

*Does this hotel have a pool

*Does this hotel have a fitness center

*Can you do laundry at this hotel?

Please fill out all required fields on this page correctly before moving on. (Required fields have a * next to them.)

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